""...two years later, I can't imagine life without this gym...""


I only joined Crossfit because it’s 2 blocks from my office and, as a single mom, I needed a workout during lunch. I had zero interest in the hardcore weight training “CrossFit” I’d heard of. Two years later, I can’t imagine life without this gym. The coach is SO committed to providing workouts that definitely kick your ass but not to the point of injury. He knows each members limits and what will get them to the next level. I don’t know how he does it, as there is EVERY fitness level and age represented. It’s not just the daily WOD workout. There’s open gyms, weekend competitions, nutritional guidance, emotional support, recovery centers, on site massages, on site chiropractors and tons of social opportunities if you have time (i rarely do).
He is always adding new equipment and educating us on why we need to hit this or that neglected muscle.
This is not a gym to just show up to get buff. It’s a commitment to being part of a group of people who are working at building strong, healthy bodies and friendships that will last a lifetime.

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