""...That's why I love BYB!...""


1 year of membership and wishing I had found them sooner. I have been to many places throughout the years and I have always felt overwhelmed and frankly, a bit lost. The moment I walked into BYB I was welcomed like family, no exaggeration, everyone treats you so well, always so encouraging. There is never pressure, safety is #1, the coaches are very knowledgeable, encouraging and respectful. There is always a teachable moment from the coaches to build your better, the one on one coaching even during classes is incredible.
The equipment and facility is wonderful. The workouts and events are so much fun, even when I’m not feeling up to it, just thinking of the smiling faces that will be there during class motivate me to go. My family has now joined me on this journey and it is so much fun to be there with many other families. There is a bit of something for everyone. Coach Jared goes above and beyond to meet everyone’s needs in training, scaling, support and walking the journey with each member.


That’s why I LOVE BYB, the coaches are right along with you on your build your better journey. Taking the time to be available after the workout ends, genuinely checking in with everyone. The nutrition seminars have been phenomenal. So much learning about nutrition, physical and mental fitness, there is a great focus on the entire person, not just one aspect. This has been a game changer for me, I have learned a lot about taking care of myself, although I have a long ways to go, I know I am in the right place with the right people and coaches. Come and check it out, you will love it! Your BYB family is waiting

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