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Before CrossFit BYB, I was on a road to poor health! I have always been an active person who loved being outside! I was born in and raised in Southern Oregon, with a background playing soccer, doing martial arts, and playing disc golf. After my college years, my family and I moved to the Tualatin area where I worked as an Engineer. My new desk job and lack of physical activity led me to being overweight and very out of shape. I was borderline diabetic, and already showing signs of organ damage in my 30’s. My lack of physical activity and poor diet put me on the fast track to serious health problems.

This led me to CrossFit BYB!

Since joining BYB in 2016, I have been able to right a sinking ship! Thanks to Coach Jared Leeper and the BYB Family, I can happily say that I am in better shape now than ever. I also was able to get both of my daughters to join BYB.
My passion for CrossFit has evolved from a hobby to a lifestyle. Part of that evolution was pursuing my CrossFit Instructor Certification in March of 2019. As a coach, I can share my passion for the sport and connect with people in new ways.

At CrossFit BYB, I found many of the things people would expect to find at a good gym. There is great equipment, great coaches, and amazing people. What I didn’t expect to find was an environment that was fun, encouraging, and challenging all at the same time. The athletes and staff here started out as friends, but I now consider them family.
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I am blessed to have an incredible wife and two amazing daughters, who also CrossFit with me.


  • CF-L1


  • BS-Oregon Institute of Technology

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